Jen-na (your_beloved) wrote,

Important Announcement

Please do not hurt me.

If you're a boy, girl, friend, acquaintance, significant other, etc.
I'm fragile, okay?
I know I don't seem like it at times but I really am.

I may yell and scream at you but my anger only masks my hurt which is the reason why I get upset.
If I do snap at you it's only because I really care about you and I care about what you do in your life.

I can't handle all the pain people cause me.
So please, if you have anything mean, nasty, or cruel to say OR do to me, don't do it.


*This is a general announcement not posted because of any particular incident. I have just been continually hurt over and over again without being able to recover from each pain before another one is caused. Now you know and I hope all of you will consider what you say and do to me more carefully now. If you have a heart that is.*
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