Jen-na (your_beloved) wrote,

All Concerts Pics will be on display for the Public

This is the original to the one posted above the cut, he was so high up on those speakers he could have climbed over the balcony.

Mmmmmm.... bass. I was actually trying to get a picture of the drummer but the bassist got in the way. Turned out to be a nice pic of the bass though. Oh and all the pics I took of the drummer didn't turn out.

I tried my best to touch them up a bit. I managed to get in the "second row" (it was general admission so in other words I was behind the people that were right behind the barricade.) Go ahead and take them if you like. If you're going to put them up on a fansite or decide to share them with anyone, please give me credit, Jenna. If they're for your personal collection no credit is necessary.
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