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Someone finally said it

Josh:  just thought you should know that i admire you ^_^

Jenna: but why?

Josh:: cuz whether you see it or not. you do make me feel better. you cheer me up
Josh:: and you have patience
Josh:: i admire you cuz ur character shows
Josh:: you have a big heart
Josh:: and even though guys trample on you. you still carry on
Josh:: and you are positive
Josh:: something i need to do more

You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear that
Nobody has said it to me
Nobody has ever said:
"Ya know what?
You've gone through so much Jenna.
You've been treated so horribly by these guys you loved but you're still here.
You didn't kill yourself even though you felt like dying.
You didn't curl into a ball and fade away.
You kept living your life.
You're strong."

And it's so weird/wonderful that Josh would be the first one to say it.
(This conversation happened a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to post it.)

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